Monday, 31 March 2014

Collection every couple of days #11

Hi Everone,
Swap cards we all had them as kids! We begged our parents for money to go to the newsagents to buy more ,your popularity was determined by how many and which cool ones you had, oh the stress! I never had very many and lots were hand me downs from my sister,clearly not cool!
So for me swapping was out of the questions ( I was always more obsessed with Barbie anyway!)
So again these are fairly recent some from garage sales,but mostly from a huge lot that my Michael picked up ,many of which after he had sold some gave the rest to me which I quite happily used for my pricing tickets. Then I discovered that people were stealing my tickets for the cards! So in the end I just kept the ones I likes mostly beautiful Vintage lady's.

There is a pink 1970s in the first row 4 th down which I really wanted as a kid .when it was finally bought for me by my ever suffering mum ,they were out of fashion!
Still got your from when you were a kid?
Cheers Lyn

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