Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Collection every couple of days#34

Hi Everyone,
Quilts I love quilts these three are just a few of my collection found in some unusual places.
 The red and white one called Turkey work ,is American and has all of the presidents up until the 1940s hand sewn on it .
I found her in an opp shop and I put her into auction and luckily it didn't sell ,so I decided that She wanted to stay with me !
The quilt on the top left is a beautiful example of crazy quilting and I believe this one was made in the depression as it is made from old clothes pieced together.
The bottom one is a hand stiched Kantha quilt I bought in Western Australia last time I was over insisting my brother.
A full picture of the American quilt is back on my blog on July 2013 if ou want to have another look at it.
Are you a quilt person ?
Cheers Lyn

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