Monday, 14 April 2014

Collection every couple of days #25

Hi Everyone,
An unusual collection of bags,these are just a few of my favourites
The gold basket weave one on the right is a Dorst Rex fifth avenue a classic Lucite bag,picked up in An antique centre in country Victoria.
There is a hand tooled leather one at the back with a beautiful Japanese scene and Bakelite clasp.
The black velvet one in front of it has an amazing fairy/ dragonfly clasp made from Ivorine .
The little floral one is a jazz bag from the 1920s with a little makeup mirror and is as pretty inside as it is out
At the front right is a sterling silver Victorian bag with a compact attached in the clasp.
And the last one is just plain pretty with a nice gilt and pearl clasp.
I'm not the best historian in bags but I do try and research the more interesting ones that come my way,and when a new one comes into the collection an old one makes its way to either the Waverley Bazaar or the Vintage emporium  to find a new someone to love it.
Cheers Lyn

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