Saturday, 17 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #57

Hi Everyone ,
Due to our unseasonably warm weather I've taken some photos out doors and in my vintage caravan just for a change!so her we go!
Vintage aprons,yep you are either an apron wearer or not and initially I wouldn't be seen dead in one but after ruining countless clothes I now live in one however these beauties I don't wear exept on special occasions.
 And you can see me happily at home doing housework pricing stock or whatever in my trusty apron
And yes there are days I choose one of these or my own handmade number and wear them out,which confuses some and delights others.
So lots of these aprons come through my house many from estates and some just end up staying because they are so beautiful.
Are you an apron wearer?
Cheers Lyn

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