Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #47

Hi Everyone,
Ivorine ,Ivory and bone.
This collection has been added to over many years.
The two top buckles belonged to my grandmother and are Ivorine  which is a type of Bakelite .
They are beautifully carved with roses and flowers.
The square box in the middle is a puzzle picked up at a deceased estate along with the ivory child's teeth hand carved I think in the Japanese Nechkie tradition.
The other bits and bobs have just been picked up along the way at various garage sales and Opp shops.
In the middle of the picture is one of my favourite brooches of Charlie Mac Carthy who was Edgar Bergen's dummy he was a popular entertainer in the 1930s and 1940s and also Candice Bergen's father.
Its a really sweet little brooch with all his details on the back.Not well known here in Australia but very popular with our American friends.
Cheers Lyn

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