Friday, 10 August 2012

Making stuff and photos

Hi Everyone,
 I've been doing some sewing ,buying and looking at the world in general. All through flu ridden eyes again!!! So its a bit of a mixed bag tonight!
Some more lacy lovelies dress and bolero

dress full length

here's one I prepared earlier

and a coupe after they have been hand dyed

Movie star prints from the 1950s


1940s home journals

Some of Michaels hat blocks

Becs beautiful merchandising

Tamaras green and red

My new lockers

 One for Tom ,from Twiced baked.
All my best friends have gone on holidays in warmer climates {and why wouldn't you !} and left me to my own I've  got a few things done hope you like.
                                                                  Cheers Lyn

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