Friday, 17 August 2012

The Vintage Emporium is Vintage Heaven .

Hi Everyone,
I probably spent more time at The Vintage Emporium than I do at any other centre yet I don't seem to write as much about it as I do the other centres!Why you ask? yes I have asked myself that too ,so now to remedy that situation.The Vintage Emporium is my main love and I never seem to remember to take photos while I'm there because there is so much to do,look at and lovely ladies to chat to both staff and customers. so after all that here's some photos .
My Deco lady

Andreas colourful style

That purple sparkly dress

Patchwork at Pips

Ingrid's beautiful cushions

My Americana dress

hats and hat blocks

Linen and lace

lacy chokers

Tea with Audrey

pretty style

Vanessa's yellow love

dressing up with Miss Gracie
That's all folks, more to come tomorrow in the vintage shed.
Cheers Lyn

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